program details

The program is led by Christina Holt, Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Image Consultant.

We meet weekly for 10 weeks and each session is 3 hours in length. Our sessions are structured in a way that fosters open discussion but will also have activities pre-planned to provide the guidance and direction necessary to help each woman achieve her career goals. The group sessions aim to boost your confidence, help you to uncover your worth, provide you with strategies for tackling challenges unique to women in the workplace and have you leave with a brand new image.

The groups are small enough to really allow you to get to know the other women but still big enough to give you an array of experiences to tap into. We want you to build real relationships with women you’ve spent time with and gotten to know. while continuing to help each other win.

This is about supporting YOU.

It’s about giving YOU the tools you need to succeed in the workplace.

It’s about surrounding YOU with a community of women who understand your struggle and are cheering you on.

It’s about pushing YOU to do your best, to go after every dream you have.

Its about YOU.

Call or email to join. Next cohort begins February 2019.